Online coaching consultations are available for lifters seeking assistance with training programs, form checks, nutrition/supplementation, mobility, goal setting, and/or meet planning and preparation. In addition, we offer in-person coaching as our time permits in Austin (Jacob) and Houston (Dave).

How It Works

First, the lifter fills out a detailed questionnaire and provides video links for any lifts needing form checks. After that, we schedule a one-on-one session. A session, typically about an hour long, will consist of a discussion via Google Hangout for a fully interactive experience. Within the next few business days, we provide a detailed, customized training program to the lifter.

After the initial consultation, the lifter has the option of continuing these discussions via a monthly plan, which includes email/phone/text correspondence. As coaches, we use these sessions to help trainees really understand the reasoning behind their programming, and to consistently adapt their training to enable long-term progress. We also assist with meet planning, tapering, and attempt selection for our competitive lifters, and can help alter training schedules when life gets in the way. We make ourselves readily available for any questions that come up during training. Our goal is to help enable you to achieve your goals in the gym, while staying confident and healthy.

Contact us for questions and pricing at

Our Coaches

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