Dave Nix is a coach and competitive Masters (over age 40) powerlifter. He has competed and placed at USAPL Raw Nationals, as well as winning and placing in numerous local Texas meets.



Pulling into 4th at the 2014 USAPL Raw Nationals

Dave runs a powerlifting club in Houston, Texas out of his awesome home gym. The athletes he coaches come from all walks of life, and have found success in the gym and on the platform.


Texas flag? Check. Power rack? Check. Claymore in the bar rack? Check, obviously.

Dave has also competed (badly) in highland games and strongman.

caber drop

Dave dropping a caber (and shredding his forearm) at his first highland games in 2011

His hobbies include getting jacked, trying to convince everyone he knows to lift weights, and yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off his damn lawn (unless they’re doing farmer’s walks).

old man yells at cloud

He also likes to troll Jacob.

Email Dave at dave@vintagestrong.com and follow him on Twitter at @coach_dave_vs.