Our Philosophy

Many athletes are already experienced in coaching themselves or others, but find value in trusting someone else to program for them. It’s always easier to follow a program when you put it in the hands of a coach that you trust. Some lifters want a better understanding of how to progress from a beginning lifter to an intermediate, and then on to the advanced levels. Some folks are striving to be competitive at the international level; some just want to be stronger than they were yesterday. We take great pride in being able to assist all of our lifters, and always offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

We always tell our lifters “there’s no magic in programming.” You have to work hard and have reasonable goals in order to succeed. We won’t promise you an extra 30 pounds on your bench while you’re cutting drastic weight, as that’s the exception to the rule. You won’t see us making sexy claims to add 100 pounds to your squat in a month – though we’ve helped more than a few lifters perform the feat in a year or so. We approach programming as a means to make measured progress and to attack weaknesses, not as a panacea. Customizing these types of programs to fit an individual’s requirements and attack their weaknesses is a great way to ensure they make progress.

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Our Coaches