Cloud’s Supplement Guide

I get a lot of questions about nutrition and supplementation, and I’m more than happy to share my opinions on the subject. However, I find myself typing out basically the same thing as a response nearly every time. If only I had some sort of platform where I could just write it all out once, so I could just send people the link later, right? Continue reading

Coaching the Sumo Deadlift

We’ve had some talk lately about sumo deadlifts. Some of you are still of the mindset that “only conventional deads are ‘real’!” That’s fine. When you finally come around and try these, the rest of us will already be well-versed with them. Continue reading

You Gotta Be SMART

I get pulled into a lot of conversations with people who want to achieve a fitness goal but find themselves overwhelmed about where to start. As a result, they generally haven’t made much progress. There are several reasons why starting on your fitness goals can be hard. 

The first issue I see a lot (in myself, as well as the athletes I coach, and people who ask me for advice) is that they had only a vague notion about what they wanted to do: “get in shape,” “lose weight,” and so on. While this is a great starting point, it doesn’t leave you with much in the way of what to do next. Continue reading