“Jacob says there’s no magic in his programming, but I’m not sure I believe him. He’s added 75 pounds to my deadlift and squat – each – and I’ve gained a good ten pounds since I started working with him. The best part of being one of Jacob’s lifters, though, is that he cares about me and my goals. He doesn’t give out the same cookie-cutter program to every lifter he trains. And he has the super-secret coaching gene that somehow makes me want to live up to his expectations without feeling pressured by them. His coaching has done more to help me reach my goals than anything I’ve tried in ten years of lifting.

Oh yeah, he has a really badass beard, too.”
– Ben

“Coach Cloud helped me reach my full potential in and out of the gym. I had the typical goal – “to look good in a bathing suit.” To do this, he guided me along and eventually, helped me tap into my passion for competing in powerlifting. Training with weights helped me get stronger as well as changed my body composition to be leaner. Now I look and feel better, and I am more confident because of it. He is so creative in finding ways to tailor what works best for you. For me, active movements like the yoke, sled, and prowler are a better alternative than running. He helped program, coach, and handle me to a Texas State 67.5 kg weight class championship. I would recommend his talents to everyone because he has a great skill of helping people find their passion and how it can work for them and their goals outside of the normal “workout” box.”
– Jessica

“I have one simple piece of advice for you if you want to get stronger. Do what Jacob says. I’ve always been pretty good at squatting, but as a competitive powerlifter I need to be able to bench and deadlift well too. Jacob has helped tremendously in this regard. I’ll just let the numbers speak for themselves: A year ago I benched 275 pounds and deadlifted 455 at Hyde Park Gym’s Push/Pull competition, and just last week at this year’s Push/Pull I did 325 and 525.

That’s not to say he hasn’t helped my squat though. After being in a rut for a long time, we worked hard on a different technique that led to my first PR in over a year. He also convinced me to go down a weight class which was a great competitive decision for me, and was the only way I could really be motivated to lose some body fat. After getting to know me, I would say he’s pretty much got me figured out, and knows when and how to apply that knowledge to motivate me.

We all draw power from the beard.”

– Rory

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